Barbara Gallen

Barbara Gallen

Living with Resilience

Coach & Consultant, Inspired Action Coaching & Consulting

Learn how to lean into disruption by accessing wisdom and knowing, especially in the body. Also understand how to deploy resilient patterns of behavior. In this session, we will explore the definition of resilience and central characteristics of disruptive change.


Barbara Gallen is the principal of Inspired Action Coaching & Consulting. She works with individuals, leaders, and teams, helping them to find alignment with their true purpose.

Today, she’s a woman who has experienced immeasurable joy and has also come through the fire. She trusts her intuition and does what feels right to her, in her body. She’s less concerned with what others think. Sometimes she changes her mind. She can listen.

She’s a mother and a grandmother, a sister and a friend. She’s a mentor. She’s a Martha Beck Institute trained life coach. She’s a consultant with 20 years of experience. She’s spent a long career working with individuals, organizations, and
businesses as well as advocating for causes she believes in. She’s raised a lot of money. She’s marched in Washington a few times.

She’s an entrepreneur who has been mostly self-employed over the last 20 years. She’s had to focus on the big picture and the details. She can be impatient.

She’s a woman who has spent a lifetime focused on creating connections. She loves to help clients connect to themselves, to their work, to their family & friends, and to the broader community. Fostering connections is really all she’s ever wanted to do.