Deb Falzoi

Deb Falzoi

Workplace Bullying 101

Founder, Dignity Together, and Director of Marketing, National Workplace Bullying Coalition

Dignity at work should be a fundamental human right. Yet abuse of workers is an epidemic, disproportionately affecting specific groups of workers and damaging them, the businesses they work in, and society as a whole. In this session, you’ll learn the basics of workplace abuse so you can understand how much havoc it wreaks.


The founder of Dignity Together, Deb Falzoi boosts employees outside of work and teaches their employers what it means to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace. She educates employees and validates their experiences so they can take back their dignity. She also trains employers on the dynamics of workplace abuse and how they can honor employees’ power.

She built a base of more than 16,000 workplace abuse legislation supporters, the largest by state in the nation. She’s helped hundreds of targeted employees understand their abuse situations, discover their self-worth, and learn how to move on from their toxic work cultures. She’s been quoted in numerous media outlets including Redbook, Forbes, Monster, Alternet, Elephant Journal, Thrive Global, and Truthout.

She serves on the board of the National Workplace Bullying Coalition, hosts the “Screw the Hierarchy” podcast, co-founder of, co-hosts a Dignity Together Support Group, and is a co-founder of Re-Define, a yearly summit and retreat aimed at helping targets heal and re-define our workplaces.