Ellen Cassedy

Ellen Cassedy

Raises, Roses, & Resistance: Working Women Organize

Co-founder, 9 to 5 working women’s association

In 1973, working women got together in Boston to win rights and respect on the job. Their organization, called 9 to 5, went national, sparking better conditions in countless workplaces, the formation of a woman-led union, and progress against sexual harassment and sex and race discrimination. They inspired Jane Fonda to make her hit movie and Dolly Parton to write her enduring anthem. By the end of this session, you’ll have practical ideas about how to join together with others to improve your work life.


Ellen Cassedy was a founder of the 9 to 5 working women’s organization in 1973. 9 to 5 changed the lives of millions of office workers, created a woman-led union, and inspired Jane Fonda’s hit movie and Dolly Parton’s enduring anthem.

Learn about Ellen Cassedy’s forthcoming memoir about organizing working women, “Raises, Roses, and Resistance.” Write to ellen@ellencassedy.com for information.