Jennifer Cunningham

Jennifer Cunningham

This Experience Won’t Define You

Reputation Repair Coach and Founder of Oxygen Coaching

People who’ve experienced workplace abuse or harassment often experience trauma, shame, and humiliation. It can be challenging to find understanding. Few comprehend the feelings unless they’ve had similar experiences. Individuals find ways to cope: positive coping mechanisms like mediation, yoga, and therapy; and negative ones such as overdrinking or medicating, disengaging with life, and self-harm. 

Resiliency and post-traumatic growth are two similar yet slightly different terms that can be part of a healthy healing process. In this session, we will define these terms, provide examples of successful recovery, and explore healthy coping strategies.

Jennifer Cunningham is a certified coach from Coach Training Alliance, which holds accreditation from the International Coaching Federation. She holds a Master’s Degree in counseling, reflecting a commitment to the helping profession. She has a strong foundation of ethics and has worked with persons of all ages around relationships, career, and personal issues. After coaching hundreds of individuals on career, relationships, and more recently, recovery after crisis, she knows what to ask to get targets to facilitate their own growth. She uses empathy balanced with insight and powerful inquiry to understand targets’ stories, help them decipher deeper meaning, and propel them to action-oriented results.