Julie Boyer

Julie Boyer

Find Your Purpose, Start Your New Beginning

MFA, CPCC, Julie Boyer Coaching

Knowing your purpose can be a game changer when you’re looking for work that will make you happy. It can also imbue your life in general with more meaning and fulfillment.

What could be better than truly knowing your gifts — and where they are needed — and getting to make a positive impact simply by doing what comes naturally to you?

In this talk, Julie will show you how knowing and stepping into your purpose can bring you back to an empowered state and fuel you as you start a new beginning. She’ll walk you through how your purpose got formed (you already have one whether you can name it or not) and how the lows in our lives actually help to add substance to our ability to offer our purpose to others.

By the end, you’ll have guidelines to help you articulate your purpose, place renewed value in your gifts, and choose a job that’s truly right for you.


Julie Boyer helps women who are stuck in the wrong job create soul-fulfilling careers, so they can experience deep fulfillment by doing what comes naturally to them. What she loves about her job is the healing that results from coaching. She helps women set down old patterns that have kept them stuck — and exhausted — for years, and expand into new heights of confidence, passion, and purpose. She believes we all have the opportunity to heal and grow in this way — and she’s passionate about it.

Julie is a Certified Professional Co-Active coach, CTI-Leadership grad, and Lucid Living Great Story Coach (and mentor to coaches in training). She’s also author of the book Just Give Me Meaningful Work; Escape Your Exhausting Job and Start Making a Difference. A creator at heart, she knows what it takes to create in the unknown and holds a Master in Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She’s coached lawyers, consultants, coaches, business owners, teachers, project managers, and more, and she frequently holds events in the Boston area, where she lives with her forever-puppy, Zoe.