Julie Boyer

Julie Boyer

Move On and Find Work You Love: Bring Joy Back into Your Career

Founder of Julie Boyer Coaching, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, and CTI-Trained Leader

Being in the wrong job or the wrong place can mess with your confidence over time. It can have you forgetting what you’re good at, wondering how you ever achieved what you did in the past, and questioning why you wanted this career in the first place. And if you stay long enough, it can have you stalling and going in circles in your head every time you try to find a way out, doubting your ideas and perceptions and becoming a little unrecognizable to yourself. If you can’t remember the last time you came home from your job feeling great but you can’t find the clarity or confidence to create change either, know there’s nothing wrong with you, and you are not meant to stay here forever. What you’re experiencing is a disempowered state, where the power is sucked right out of you, and you just don’t have access to your full self. It’s not that these other parts aren’t there. It’s just that you’re not connected to them in this moment.

This disconnect can have you thinking the problem you’re in is much bigger and will take much longer to solve than it really is. Because from where you stand, without access to the much stronger, grounded, freer parts of you, creating change will seem much more confusing and daunting than it needs to be. Your clarity and confidence — and your empowered self — are just beneath the surface.

In this session, Julie will show you how to find your purpose and why it’s important to get out of toxic belief patterns so you can create the life you truly want.

Julie Boyer is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and CTI-Trained Leader who helps purpose-driven individuals find soul-fulfilling work so they can excel and make a difference. Through her phone-based private coaching and programs, she helps clients free themselves from the frustration of a poor job-fit and uncover their true purpose, allowing them to finally feel great about what they do.

She’s the author of the book Just Give Me Meaningful Work, Escape Your Exhausting Job and Start Making A Difference and has worked with directors of organizations, owners of small businesses, mid-level managers, consultants, and artists. She lives in the Boston area with her “snicker-doodle-monkey-dog”, Zoe.