Katrina Strohl

Katrina Strohl

Absolutely Not: Setting Personal Boundaries at Work

Career Coach and HR Consultant, Fill Your Cup Consulting

Setting personal boundaries at work and learning the vocabulary of boundaries can empower you at work. By the end of this session, you’ll be able to name harm and have the foundation to set healthy boundaries at work.


Katrina Strohl is a Navy veteran who served as an Aviation Structural Mechanic (AM). Now, with over nine years of HR experience, several HR certifications, and multiple career coaching certifications, Katrina continues to serve others. Katrina founded Fill Your Cup Consulting, where she provides career coaching and HR consulting services to her clients. Katrina also serves as the HR Director for Alonesy, a nonprofit that provides mentorship for teens and hopes to reduce the stigma of mental health. In 2018, Katrina decided to take her own life and since then has become a huge advocate of mental health. Katrina was recently certified in mental health first-aid and hopes to continue her education in mental health to reduce the stigma and ensure Alonesy’s mission stays true. When not giving her all to Alonesy’s amazing mission, Katrina also hosts her podcast, Absolutely Not, which is about setting personal boundaries at work.