Michael Griffiths

Michael Griffiths

How A Simple Napkin Creates Passion, Purpose, and Why For Your Whole Organization

Most organizations work from the outside in rather than the inside out:

  • They focus on what they do.
  • They focus on how they do it.
  • They focus on growing and becoming bigger.

But they forget the most important ingredient.

When you get your people understanding the napkin, you get the right people in the right seats, on the right bus.

The power of WHY creates the power of engagement.


Michael Griffiths is the founder and creator of The Partnership Club, the #1 tribe for consultants around the globe who want to be surrounded by other high level thinkers who challenge, push, and inspire them to greatness. Michael has created seven businesses over the past decade and sold six of them along the way. Having left the teaching profession in 2009, he has gone on to be seen as the leading authority around the globe on referral marketing and helps consultants to be more remarkable, profitable, and impactful in their business. Using neuroscience, brain chemicals, human biology, and primal instincts, along with referrals, networks, and partnerships, Michael teaches consultants all over the globe how to dominate using “human marketing” to stand out from their competitors and truly inspire their clients to be the hero in their own journey. Michael’s mission is simple: to Inspire one million consultants every year to play a bigger game in their business, to win every day, and to be more profitable than ever before so they can contribute and help change society for the better.