Rebecca Dupras

Rebecca Dupras

The Power Dynamics of Workplace Bullying

Attorney and advocate

Power was a central theme in Rebecca’s story — from the power dynamics at work to the power of speaking out as healing. In this session, Rebecca looks at how power is used and how to best use your own power to help others.

Rebecca has worked for several large charities, including the Rhode Island Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and Georgetown University. Her experience with workplace abuse was highlighted in April 2018 in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, as well as Forbes Magazine and The New York Times. Rebecca wrote an opinion piece on the effects of bullying in the nonprofit sector for the Chronicle of Philanthropy in June 2018. She has spoken on the topic in a podcast (Nonprofit Visionaries with Gregory Nielsen), to fundraising professionals (Association of Fundraising Professionals in San Diego, CA) and to graduate students (University of San Diego). She continues to use her voice to advocate for an end to workplace bullying and is actively trying to enact legislation in Rhode Island.

Rebecca is an attorney in Providence, Rhode Island who works primarily with individuals and families in the areas of estate and tax planning as well as estate and trust administration. She also advises nonprofits in the areas of governance and oversight. She recently gave a presentation to the Rhode Island Bar Association at their 2019 Annual Meeting focused on Nonprofit Board Governance, including topics on whistleblower policies and ethical governance issues.