Rita Farruggia

Rita Farruggia

How to deal with workplace bullies and thrive into higher levels of success

Workplace abuse can make us feel stuck. But through the experience, we can achieve higher levels of awareness. Learn how to leverage the experience of workplace abuse into higher levels of communication and emotional self-mastery so you can achieve higher levels of success.


Rita is a self-care/self-love/happiness expert. Rita is the founder & CEO of HappyBeingWell.com, which is a wellness e-commerce site devoted to providing organic self-care products to amplify your wellness so you can be happy being well. HappyBeingWell.com has a mission of being the #1 Self-Care Community in North America.

Rita’s mission is to awaken people to their love, teaching them how to reprogram their subconscious to align with truth through creating a daily self-care practice. It is through a commitment to a daily self-care practice that we can eliminate the noise of the world, stress, anxiety, and our rapid thoughts. This commitment allows us to align with our personal truth, love, clarity, focus, intuition, and confidence. This process allows us to know who we are and deepens our compassion and ability to love ourselves and others. It’s why Rita is committed to providing the best natural products you will love to use and wear — whether it’s luxurious active-wear leggings to work out in or meditate in, clean skincare, an at-home spa feeling with salt lamps, crystal book-ends, aromatherapy diffusers, natural essential oils, natural candles, all-natural facial masks, crystals, and much more.. HappyBeingWell.com offers the tools, products, free educational resources, and inspiration to use in our daily spiritual and wellness practices.

After many years of working in corporate America, seeing toxic relationships and psychological abuse as the norm, Rita believes the path to happiness and fulfillment is not just knowing the truth but living the truth. Imagine if everyone was living in truth and full of love for themselves and others. How positive and loving our workplaces would be! This realization motivated Rita to start HappyBeingWell.com. Rita worked in digital marketing for 10 years while mentoring people one-on-one and in group settings to reprogram their subconscious minds. She was the facilitator of peace and cooperation at her digital marketing agency through awakening people to the truth. However, because they didn’t continue re-conditioning their subconscious minds, they would revert back to being triggered and allowing their egos to create chaos. This experience sparked HappyBeingWell.com into life, combining her love of spiritual, mental, emotional evolution, and digital marketing.