Robin Barnette

Robin Barnette

We Rise By Lifting Others: A Target’s Personal Journey of Courage, Faith, Meditation, and Chocolate

Recovered Target, Advocate, and Founder of The Kindness Revolution

“We should always aspire to inspire and be the leader we always wished we had.”
— Robin Barnette

A day Robin walked into her therapist’s office took her to her knees. She realized how far she’d fallen out of her power after the devastation of workplace abuse. It was an a-ha moment that catapulted her uphill climb, using faith to know her situation was only temporary, tools like meditation and essential oils (and dark chocolate!) to heal, and courage to use her voice and find her purpose. Now recovered, she spreads the message that we’re targets of workplace abuse because of our power. In this session, you’ll learn tools to help you heal from workplace abuse and know that recovery IS possible.

Robin Barnette is an inspiring teacher with a depth of knowledge and a dynamic style. She is a Yoga Alliance registered ERYT 500 yoga instructor, a Certified Yoga Therapist, and a Certified Aromatherapist. Robin has had the privilege of learning from some of the most renowned and influential yoga teachers of our time like Maty Ezraty, Lisa Walford, Max Strom, Steve Ross, Cheri Clampett Borda, and Autro Peal. Robin earned her Certificate in Aromatherapy from The American College of Health Care Sciences and holds a BA in Liberal Studies from Cal State Northridge in African American Studies. 

After suffering the devastating effects of workplace abuse, Robin found her voice as a Target Advocate and has become a fighter for social justice. She has founded the Kindness Revolution for spreading kindness and is the co-host of Two Targets Talk along with Janice White of the Empowered Employee. Robin and Janice’s goal is to reach out to targets with positive information and their message of “no silence, no shame.” She also heads up the Dignity at Work Act efforts in California and co-leads a Dignity Together peer support group. 

During her career Robin has been a recording artist, a billboard top 100 song writer, and a professional musician. She is a published author of a children’s book and many articles. Currently, Robin is the National Sales Manager for an ecofriendly company located in Century City, CA. Robin is known for her creativity, innovation, team building, and inspirational leadership, in addition to being a mom, friend, and lover of nature. Robin is also a fur mom to her devoted and beloved sidekick, a Bichon Poo named “Sir Ollie the Magnificent.”