Shobha Ranganath

Shobha Ranganath

Polyvagal States in Workplace Healing and Recovery

Holistic IFS Coach, Empowered Wellbeing

Healing from Trauma can be challenging at anytime. Healing from Workplace Trauma during a pandemic can involve a need to increase access to exercises that can bring the executive functioning parts of our brain back on-line. In this workshop, you will have an introduction to how the brain and physiology work according to the Polyvagal Theory. You’ll be offered some Polyvagal Theory Based Exercises for accessing more ease and will be able to create a map to track Personal Polyvagal States in Personal and Relational Recovery.


Shobha offers trauma recovery support and has a full time coaching practice. She lives and works on Ohlone Lands on what is referred to as the East Bay of San Francisco. She supports folks who are recovering from personal, social, relational, ancestral, and intergenerational trauma and addiction. She works with individuals, partners/couples, families, housemates, and small groups.

She has a holistic multi-centric practice that combines Internal Family Systems (IFS), Meditation, Polyvagal Theory (PVT) and the PVT-Based Safe and Sound Practice, Attachment Theory, Somatic and Expressive Trauma Support, Partners/Couples Work (combining Relational Life Therapy, Narcissism Recovery Training, The Couples Institute Developmental Model), Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Council in the Schools, Simplicity Parenting Work, Yoga and Ancestral Healing Work, and a Social Justice Framework.