Shobha Ranganath

Shobha Ranganath

Dialoguing with Parts in Trauma Recovery, an IFS-Based Approach

Educator and Coach

Healing from Trauma compassionately can be supported by a parts-dialogue-based approach. In this workshop, Shobha will introduce you to the powerful and often intuitive practice of dialoguing about trauma in terms of “parts,” or aspects of the trauma and how it is experienced, in order to be more present with the grief and have more inner spaciousness to heal. She’ll give a brief Internal Family Systems (IFS) introduction and talk understanding internalized oppression from childhood and workplace trauma as part of the healing process.

Shobha is an IFS-Based, Multi-Modal Trauma and Addiction Recovery Coach and Educator (Empowered Wellbeing IFS Coaching). She works with individuals, couples/partners, recovery groups, parents, and youth. She incorporates modern models of trauma recovery, including Internal Family Systems (IFS), Attachment and Polyvagal Theory, and Inner Child Creative and Somatic Expression Work with ancestral and intuitive based approaches including Yogic Principles and Meditation, Archetypal Work (Astrologically based), and Energy Work. As a person who self-identified as a single mother and woman of color, she values inclusion and sensitivity to inclusion in her work.

About Empowered Wellbeing Workplace Trauma Recovery: When supporting individuals recovering from Workplace Abuse, Shobha incorporates individual trauma recovery methods and models with social justice and group healing concepts (including mediation, transformative justice studies, NVC, Relational Life Therapy, Couples Developmental Model and Council in the Schools). She has experienced workplace trauma and recovery first-hand and brings a care and sensitivity from her experience and her studies of narcissistic systems, internalized oppression, and gaslighting and the recovery from those dynamics to her work with clients. Email her for more info about recovery from workplace abuse at