Lack of mindset and skills leave managers insecure and uninspiring.
Give them perspective in this one-day event so you can increase your influence.
The result: healthier employees, confident managers, and safer workplaces.

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The Re-Define Virtual Summit: Elevates
is a one-day event
uniting managers who want
to inspire their employees.

Saturday, November 20


Who the summit is for

The Re-Define Virtual Summit: Elevates is for managers who struggle to inspire their employees. They may currently focus on power and control and know there’s a better way but have no idea where to start.

They want to:

Know the truth about what their employees REALLY need to feel energized.
Have a solid grasp on what a winning team looks like.
Use tools to understand and communicate their vision, mission, and goals.
Create an environment where they — and their employees — can’t wait to start work every morning.
Get results — with a roadmap and support system.

What this summit is about

This summit is all about transforming your work culture so you can get results.

Why you’d be a good fit

We’re looking for experts in leadership, work culture, and psychology.

We will show your roughly 40-minute presentation as a pre-recorded video so we can also make it available for those who purchase lifetime access. We ask that you be available that day during your scheduled time to answer questions live and in the chat if possible.

Speaker benefits

As a speaker, you’ll receive:

An affiliate link so you can make 50% of the income on every paid ticket you sell to the summit ($47 and $97 offers)
Advertising of your talk on (with links to your social media), through social media channels totaling nearly 7,000 followers on Re-Define, Dignity Together, and Elevates (both organic and paid)
Access to an exclusive Facebook group to serve as an expert answering questions and promoting your products and services (optional)
Custom emails and social media graphics to promote both your talk and the summit
Slide deck and worksheet templates branded for the summit
Referrals to your work (books, services, etc.) at the end of your talk when you let targets know how to reach you

What we need from you — and by when

Step 1:

Sign up

If you haven’t already, email us at confirming that you’d like to present along with:
A general summary of your topic (not the official title yet)
Your available times on Saturday, November 20 between 10am-6pmET

You’ll receive a speaker agreement to sign.

Step 2:

Submit info about you and your talk by Wednesday, October 13 through Content Snare

Your title
Your bio
Your headshot
Your social media links, email address, and website
Preferred presentation schedule to be present for live Q&A
Your talk title
Your talk description (end with “By the end of this session, you’ll….”)
Your slide deck using the Re-Define template (copy it to your Google Drive)
Your roughly 40-minute video presentation using the slide deck in .mp4 format (to be emailed from a Gmail account or Dropbox to

Wednesday, October 27:
You will receive everything you need to promote the summit by then.

Monday, November 1:
Save the dates and teasers begin.

Monday, November 8:
Summit and speaker promotions begin.

What we will get you:

1. Your scheduled time. Your scheduled time will be listed on the website. If you can’t make it, just let us know.

2. Your presenter Zoom link for your Q&A. You will also receive a Zoom presenter email closer for your Q&A closer to Saturday, November 20 so you can come right into the presenter window in Zoom webinar. Make sure to enter during your scheduled time as we’ll all use the same link the whole day. (You can also watch other presentations that day using the attendee link.)

3. Your affiliate link. Though the 2-week promotion window starts the week of November 8 and runs through the summit date, Saturday, November 20, I’ll send you everything you need beforehand to promote the event and your presentation in case you want to schedule emails and posts out and want to post save-the-dates or teasers.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to setup your affiliate link through and replace all links in email templates with your affiliate link so I can send you your commission after the summit. Be sure to update all links in the emails with your affiliate link so you can get commissions on any sales that come through people you refer. Email me at with the email address you use for your PayPal account so I can send you your commission after the summit.

4. Promo emails, posts, and graphics. The more times you mention the summit to your audience, the better. It will mean more eyes on the summit — and more affiliate income for you.

However, not everyone promotes the same way. You know your audience best, so take what I send you and use it however you see fit. I’ll include four email templates with suggested subject lines and send dates along with a few options for you to include in the p.s. of any weekly emails you send. Tweak these emails so they sound like you and choose your own frequency of emails and social media posts. Add your normal greeting and sign-off and update the copy with your unique voice and personality. 

Suggested sending schedule

  1. Announcement: Monday, November 8-Wednesday, November 10
  2. Reminder + All-Access Pass Mention: Monday, November 15-Wednesday, November 17
  3. Starting Saturday: Thursday, November 18-Friday, November 19
  4. My Presentation: Morning of your presentation on Saturday, November 20

Let me know if you need anything else. I’ll be in touch closer to the event with link reminders, but in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out with anything you need.

Thank you again for all of your work. I’m excited about helping managers become Inspiring Leaders.

Let's connect!