The first retreat of its kind created specifically to help targets of workplace abuse stand in their power.
During this all-inclusive, intimate getaway, you'll find validation and connection in our safe haven to move forward.
The result: a life of purpose defined by you — and no one else.

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If you feel like a shell of your old self and can't get back your spark after abuse at work, connect with us, kick up your heels, and tell life who's boss.

Do you wish you could just move on from the intense grief and anger from workplace abuse but you can’t get away from ruminating about the completely unfair experience?

Do you hope to take a next step in life, but fear has a grip on you?

Have you lost hope for your outlook — and entire life — to get better?

Workplace abuse disrupts the life we once knew — and loved. The emotions that follow often result in a decline to our mental and emotional health. We feel stuck in a state of anger and depression, unable to move forward with our lives.

You want to now find validation and clarity to re-define yourself and re-discover your self-worth as you heal from the trauma.

At the Re-Define Retreat, you’ll transcend your pain, using proven coping strategies, tools, and methods of recovery from workplace abuse. With connection, support, community, self-care, and creativity, you can move on to your best life yet.

Join us as we unearth an energy that ignites you into envisioning a life you absolutely love, with practical steps to get there in this weekend getaway of support, warmth, and inspiration.


Re-new: how we’ll heal

Quiet your mind as you connect with others and better understand the abuse playbook isn’t about you

Discover journaling, the perfect technique for dealing with and letting go of complex emotions to restore your mental and emotional health

Rid yourself of old paradigms and gain clarity to transcend your painful past with harborside morning exercise and a nature walk

Find the fun and creativity in life again

Keep the focus on your purpose and future possibilities with chats about what’s next in your career and self-care, getting back in touch with what brings you joy

Find your people by building a new community to connect with during and after your stay

Tap into your inner badass and define your life by your terms — no one else’s

Wainright House, Rye, NY


Subject to change


5-7pm | Meet your tribe: Arrival
We’ll connect with each other as we settle in and enjoy a light dinner.

7-9pm | Mocktail hour
This time is all about connection, sharing our stories, and release. We make our own mocktails as we share our stories of workplace abuse and/or what we’re currently struggling with and connect over the similarities. What happened (facts, feelings, losses, and beliefs), and where are you now? What do you need support with? What strengths have you used in other difficult situations to help you through it? We’ll do a 10-minute grounding exercise to close out.


7:30-8:30am | Empowerment yoga for the warrior within
Get ready for the day with morning exercise overlooking the harbor.

8:45-9:45am | Breakfast for the mind
Awaken to the sweet aroma of a hearty breakfast of fresh fruit, bread, eggs, and coffee.

11am-12pm | Define your aroma-losophy
Calm your spirit while healing in this DIY aromatherapy workshop. Aromatherapist Robin Barnette explains the power of aromatherapy, what each essential oil can help with, and how to make your own that you can take home with you.

12-1:30pm | Lunch for the body
We’ll connect over lunch to keep you energized for the afternoon.

2-3:30pm | Guided meditation walk and resilience circle
Quiet your mind in an easy guided walk. Then we’ll share a symbol of resilience in a resilience circle. What’s a symbol of resilience in your life that reminds you of your strength?

3:30-5pm | Write it down (or personal time)
We’ll journal using prompts or your own ideas of what you’re currently dealing with or take in the quietness of our surroundings on your own.

5-6:30-9pm | Dinner for the soul
We’ll enjoy dinner together after a relaxing day.

7-9pm | Owning your story through connection
Sharing the facts, feelings, losses, and beliefs around our stories in a safe environment where we feel seen and heard is the first step to owning the story and moving passed the emotions. But what’s next? We’ll go over the healing process when we’re betrayed by an entire system. Then we’ll pair up to share our experiences because connection is the antidote for trauma.


7:30-8:30am | Heart-opening yoga for revolutionary self-care
Get ready for the day with morning exercise overlooking the harbor.

8:45-9:45am | Breakfast for the mind
Awaken to the sweet aroma of a hearty breakfast of fresh fruit, bread, eggs, and coffee.

10-11am | How will you re-define yourself?
Whether you get in touch with your old self or re-discover new parts of yourself, you’ll find yourself forever changed by workplace abuse. Either way, accepting the abuser’s definition of yourself becomes less likely. We’ll share major takeaways from the weekend: from a-ha moments about the abuse to mind shifts for moving forward. How will you now define yourself? How will you choose yourself more often? Then we’ll write letters to ourselves about any aspect of our situations, such as what’s working in our healing process, what we’re doing for self-care that’s helping, or where we’re at with re-building our lives, re-defining ourselves, and re-imagining our realities. We’ll collect your letters and mail them to you three months later so you can see your progress in healing. We’ll also pack up and talk about how we keep in touch moving forward.

Re-fresh: where we’ll stay

Approaching the exquisite stone mansion reminiscent of 17th-century France, you’ll begin to relax as you take in the breathtaking awe of this hidden treasure. The chateau’s magnificence, nestled among peaceful gardens, trees, and lawns, is the perfect backdrop for this intimate, secluded retreat in their carriage house.

Noticing the spectacular view of the harbor, you won’t be able to decide where you’ll spend your time relaxing first — inside on the beautiful furnishings connecting with new friends or outside on the immense lawn taking in a deep breath and immersing yourself in nature. During your stay, you’ll take in all of it: the rugged beauty of the great outdoors and the comfort of cozy accommodations, mouthwatering meals, and soul-warming connections.

Take a break from your daily hustle to relax your mind, re-charge, and re-juvenate.

The Wainwright House is at 260 Stuyvesant Ave., Rye, New York. We will stay at the Fonrose House carriage house. The driveway is just past the Wainwright House driveway.

30 minutes from NYC:
Rye is on the Metro North New Haven line, and the Fonrose House at the Wainwright House is just seven minutes from the train station.

25 minutes from Westchester Airport (HPN)
35 minutes from LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

45 minutes from JFK Airport (JFK)
60 minutes from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

3 hours from central Massachusetts:
The house is a stone’s throw from routes 95 and 287.

Getting away helps you:
drop stress
get out of a rut
escape your comfort zone
feel free
interact with the world around you through new experiences
improve your mental health

$580 Regular Ticket
  • Limited to 14 spots only
  • All meals (Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast)
  • Journal
  • Two nights lodging with shared accommodations
  • Guided walk
  • Two exercise classes
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$582 Payment Plan Ticket
  • 3 monthly payments of $194
  • All meals (Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast)
  • Journal
  • Two nights lodging with shared accommodations
  • Guided walk
  • Two exercise classes
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Any Donation
  • For those who can't make it to the event but still want to support it. (Donations are NOT tax-deductible.)
  • Possibilities for what donations will support include:
  • Scholarships for attendees
  • Additional resources
  • Future events

Not included: transportation, exercise mat
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